Eraniel Konam, Eraniel Kanyakumari District.



N.R.K. CONSTRUCTION" is one of the leading construction company Eraniel in Kanyakumari District, with a tradition quality and excellence that go back over two decades. When you choose N.R.K. CONSTRUCTION, you have made to us a significant commitment of your judgment, resources and happiness.

Our vision is to create the ideal environment for people to live, to work, to grow, to thrive and to prosper for generations to come.At the "N.R.K. CONSTRUCTION"- every individual is committed to be a trendsetter in designing buildings and found to be most desirable true to their words and not only understanding but meeting the expectations of buyer. We are being the suppliers of Hollow Bricks for several years. We provide a standard work for Rs.1100/sq.ft.


Eraniel Konam,
Kanyakumari District.

Mobile: +919791308793, +918438528070


  • We are totally focused on our client's needs and expectations.

  • Our company strives to constantly maintain and improve customer satisfaction by providing the very highest standard of quality and service to all our projects.

  • Our company besides the construction part, through our collaborators, is able to provide a wide range of services.

  • Invites you to join our ever-growing community of satisfied customers... into a world where dreams do come true.

  • In collaboration with our real estate agents can help you to choose the most appropriate land that best matches your needs and specifications taking into consideration the size, location and budget.

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